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Doug Boyle

Bio from Calyx

Richard Coughlan

OBITUARY from by Pierre Perrone (2014) Bio from Calyx

Jimmy Hastings

Bio from Calyx

Pye Hastings

For VWMUSIC by Andrew Daly (30.01.2022) For by Klemen Breznikar (11.08.2021) For by Malcolm Dome (2017) For iO Pages André de Waal (in Dutch) (2017)

For by Alessandro Freschi (2016) For Progsheet by John A. Wilcox (2015) For Birmingham Mail by Michael Wood (2013) For DPRP by Basil Francis (2012)

For Prog Sphere by Nikola Savic (2010) By Jasper A. Smit (2003) Bio from Calyx

David Hitchcock

By Aoi Kaneko (23.03.2021)

Jim Leverton

Bio from Calyx

Dek Messecar

Bio from Calyx

Steve Miller

Bio from Calyx

John G. Perry

For Calyx (1997)

Geoffrey Richardson

For Loudersound by Mike Barnes (2016) Bio from Calyx

Jan Schelhaas

Bio from Calyx

Dave Sinclair

The lost interviews (pt 1,2,4,5,6)
For by Kanyoko (2019) Bio from Calyx

Richard Sinclair

For Hit-channel (2016) For Marmalade Skies (1995) For Tone Clusters #55 (1994)

For Facelift Magazine (1993) With Frank Zappa (1969) Bio from Calyx

Mark Walker

For iO Pages by André de Waal (in Dutch) (2014) Q&A for the IO Pages interview (in English) (2014)

Mike Wedgwood

For Calyx (1999) Bio from Calyx