What's more on the world wide web

. The Official Caravan website.

. Caravan's own Paradise Filter Shop. For Caravan cd's, dvd's, lp's, posters and t-shirts.

. Caravan @ Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, November 9, 1974.

. Calyx, the Canterbury music website with lots of information about Caravan.

. A great Caravan bio and disco on www.allmusic.com

. Wikipedia, a lot of info about the Canterbury-scene, Caravan, its members etc.

. Prog Archives, your ultimate prog rock resource.

. DPRP, the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Concerts, releases, reviews etc.

. Pye Hasting homepage.

. Geoffrey Richardson homepage.

. Jan Schelhaas homepage.

. Mark Walker homepage.

. Dave Sinclair homepage.

. Richard Sinclair facebook.

. Jimmy Hastings homepage.

Dave Sinclair at the birthplace
of Nine Feet Underground, dec 2014