STRASBOURG 1972 (2020)

1 Memory Lain, Hugh (aka He Who Smelt It, Dealt It) (5:35)
2 The Love In Your Eye (13:56)
3 Waterloo Lily (9:07)
4 And I Wish I Were Stoned (8:19)
5 Place Of My Own (10:39)
6 For Richard (18:35)

Recorded live 05.12.1972 at Le Chalet, Strasbourg, France.
Derek Austin (bass)
Richard Coughlan (drums)
Stuart Evans (keyboards)
Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals)
Geoffrey Richardson (viola)
2009/CD/Elastic Records/ER129/
2020/CD/Gravy Train/006/Japan

All of this was recorded with a second set of mikes going into a desk, mixed by rapideye and then onto his reel (which later broke, hence the cass safety copy source). Now of course the vocals sound shitty .. this is resulting from the fact that rapideye could not put a second mike to the vocals and had to patch from the "real* soundboard.... while looking at the frequenzy i can see a drop at around 17kHz but for sure this is not mp3 sourced.. it might be the micros used This has considerable rarity value, coming from the brief period at the end of 1972/beginning of 1973 when Caravan were recovering from the departure of Richard Sinclair and Steve Miller. The new direction that Caravan had taken on their most recent album "Waterloo Lily" hadn't gone down well with some of their fans, and with Sinclair and Miller keen to explore even more jazz-oriented material, and Hastings and Coughlan more inclined to return to the band's rockier roots, something had to give. Sinclair and Miller duly left, but rather than call it a day, Hastings decided to carry on with a revised line-up. Auditions held in the summer of 1972 led to the recruitment of bassist Derek Austin, who had previously played in Gass and the Keef Hartley Band, and keyboardist Stuart Evans, previously with Thank You. Viola player Geoffrey Richardson had already been introduced to Hastings by a mutual friend, and on his friend's recommendation, Hastings asked Richardson to come down to the auditions so he could hear him play. There was an instant rapport between Hastings and Richardson, who was immediately asked to join. The new band began playing live gigs in September, toured on and off until December, then went into the studio to begin work on a new album. In February, they joined a bizarre package tour of Australia, playing alongside Slade, Lindisfarne and Status Quo (surely one of the most peculiar bills ever!), but things weren't really working out, and when they got back to the UK, Hastings decided to restructure the band once more. After just over six moths, Austin and Evans were part of Caravan's history.
Dr Forrester 10.12.2010