1 Headloss (4:36)
2 In The Land Of Grey And Pink (4:38)
3 Videos Of Hollywood (6:38)
4 Nine Feet Underground (18:59)
5 Winter Wine (7:47)
6 If I Could Do It All Over Again (3:17)
7 For Richard (13:15)
Recorded live in Nottingham, 24.07.1990, at the Nottingham TV studios of Central TV.
1 All The Way/A Very Smelly Grubby Little OIK (10:37)
2 Medley: Dabsong Conshirtoe, All Aboard, Where But For Caravan Would I, O Caroline, The Dabsong, Love In Your Eye, Backwards, A Hunting We Shall Go (15:24)
3 Nightmare (9:44)
4 I Know Why You're Laughing (5:33)
5 Liar (7:07)
6 The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again (6:27)
7 Nowhere To Hide (8:40)
8 Memory Lain, Hugh/Headloss (9:13)
9 If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (3:48)
Recorded at Nearfest, Patriots Theater Trenton, New Jersey, 29.06.2002.
Simon Bentall (percussion)on CD2
Doug Boyle (lead guitar) on CD2
Richard Goughlan (druns, percussion)
Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals)
Jim Leverton (bass, vocals) on CD2
Geoffrey Richardson (viola) on CD2
Dave Sinclair (keyboards)
Richard Sinclair (bass, vocals) on CD1

Jimmy Hastings (saxes) on CD1

An unauthorised bootleg reissued and repackaged yet again
On behalf of the Caravan community I am acting on my own risk to let it be known that these releases are neither authorised or associated with the present and past members and management of Caravan. Past manager Mark Powell publicly issued an official boycott for the sale of material from this concert which was recorded 30th June 2002 at The Patriots Theater, Trenton, New Jersey USA, the band appearing exclusively for the 2002 NEARfest Festival. Mark's statement can be read via an archived copy of the band's past official website: This CD is a repackaged reissue of truncated bootleg material previously available as 'A Night's Tale: Live In The USA' (issued by Classic Rock Productions ltd in 2003), 'Grey, Pink and Gold' (issued by Retro in 2004), Live On Air (issued by Southworld in 2010). There was also an unauthorised DVD release of the concert titled 'A Knights Tale: Live in the USA' (issued by Classic Rock Productions ltd) which to has been repackaged and reissued under alternative titles and distribution companies (including Ragnarock ltd, Ragnarock Films, Music Reviews ltd, Sandbeach Holdings). This material has never been authorised for release by the band and their management past and present and not a single penny has ever been received by members of Caravan from any of the many releases. The Store For Music ltd is the latest record label to release this material and it is possible that once again it has been third party licensed to them "in good faith" by the person which I for unjust legal reasons have to refrain from publicly slandering. I have attempted to warn Store for Music about this material but they have refused to listen and thus have gone ahead with this reissue. For authorised and approved releases check out Demon Records' new issue of the 1990 ITV Bedrock television concert titled Access All Areas now available as a remastered CD/DVD package with exclusive bonus material. Salvo have issued a PAL release of the band's 2010 television recording at Metropolis Studios in London which is combined with an exclusive CD release. In addition, the band have released many more official live recordings from 2010 through to 2015 which are part available from the official Caravan website including a DVD of their most recent USA concert. Much love, NB
Slappyhead 1/5 15.02.2015 (PROGARCHIVES)

Grey Pink and misiformation
This is a double live CD frm two different Caravan lineups, the first CD is better musically but the track listing and playing times are totally mixed up.The second CD is a bit lacklustre annd meanders on a bit, all in all though its not a bad package.
Robert Housden 4/5 (AMAZON)

Not A 'Comp' As Stated.
Amazon lists this one as a compilation but it really isn't. CD 1 was recorded by the re-formed original lineup in 1991 and covers the classic material from their first 3 albums between 1969 and 1974. CD 2 was recorded live in 2002 with basically the same line up as Blind Dogs At St. Dunstans, and covers material from 1974 to the current day. An amazing package that any prog rock fan should own. Poor quality and performances....much better alternatives available8 Aug. 2014
Blabberless 5/5 07.08.2005 (AMAZON)

This is a two disc set. One disc comes from the 1990/1 reunion tour with the 5 original members (if you include Jimmy Hastings as an original member) and one disc from the 2002/3 tour with guest guitarist Doug Boyle. During these tours, the group played the same basic set every night. But, Caravan is a jamming band and never really played a song the same way twice. There are major problems with this CD set. The sound quality is mediocre and even poor at times. At times there is a little slowing down of the music as if the source tape were stretched. On the plus side, he mix is mostly good and the audience noise is kept to a minimum. The editing between songs is horrible and the songs are our of order for the concert. There are abrupt cuts between songs. One of the band members will introduce the next song, and a completely different song comes next. The performances seem to be off. But, some of that may be due to the source tapes distorting the sound. Kind of make you wonder if people who give this 5 stars actually listened to it, especially since the obvious flaws are not mentioned. I bought my copy at Croco Disc in Paris for 12 euro. I would say that Paris has some of the best CD stores of any big city I have visited. Also big on vinyl...but it hard to bring back vinyl in your suitcase. I will rip a couple of songs off of this and sell it again. There are a few songs played in a manner I haven't heard before. Much, much better albums from these concert tours exist. For the reunion tour, the CD titled "Live" is the one to get. There are at least 3 others from the 2002/3 tour and anyone is better than this. In general, I think the best live album from the group is Live at Fairfield Halls (when it was released as an LP it was called Greatest Hits Live, which is a joke because the group never had any hits). Then I would get Songs for Oblivion Fishermen and BBC 1. I also recommend the All Over You albums where old songs were reworked.
kireviewer 2/5 (AMAZON)

excellent live recordings.
this is an excellent 2 disc collection of 2 live performances, one in '91 and the other in '02. both recordings and performances are excellent! the '91 show focuses on their first three releases while the '02 show has the Blind Dogs line up. the discs comes with a booklet. not much info in it but lots of pictures from the band. i love caravan's music. richard sinclair's vocals are so smooth and beautiful. i don't think he could sing a bad song ever. i enjoy the band's playing and violin work. this release is a pleasant surprise as i was thinking it would be bootleg quality, but it isn't. highly recommended for all you caravan fans and fans of the canterbury music scene.
Joseph L. Kolb 5/5 18.12.2011 (AMAZON)