1 Place Of My Own (4:04)
2 Magic Man (4:04)
3 Hello, Hello (3:47)
4 If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (3:07)
5 And I Wish I Were Stoned/Don't Worry (8:18)
6 Can't Be Long Now/Francoise/For Richard/Warlock (14:25)
7 Love To Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly) (3:06)
8 Golf Girl (5:01)
9 Nine Feet Underground (22:41)
10 Songs And Signs (3:38)
11 The Show Of Our Lives (5:44)
12 The World Is Yours (3:37)
13 Memory Lain Hugh (4:52)
14 Headloss (4:22)
15 The Dog The Dog, He's At It Again (5:57)
16 Be All Right/Chance Of A Lifetime (6:35)
17 L' Auberge du Sanglier/A Hunting We Shall Go/Pengola/Backwards/A Hunting We SHall Go (Reprise) (10:04) ise)
18 The Love In Your Eye [Live] (12:12)
19 For Richard [Live] (14:13)
20 Stuck In A Hole (3:09)
21 Lover/No Backstage Pass (9:39)
Richard Goughlan (drums, percussion, timpani)
Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals)
Steve Miller (keyboards)
John G. Perry (bass, vocals, percussion)
Geoff Richardson (viola)
Dave Sinclair (keyboards)
Richard Sinclair (bass, vocals)
Mike Wedgwood (bass, percussion, synthesizer, Vocals)

This title was initially issued in 1976 as a two-LP compilation of the Canterbury progressive rockers' output between the years 1970 and 1974. Additionally, as a "value for money" enticement for those who had already purchased Caravan's back catalog, the set also included a previously vaulted live version of "For Richard" taken from the band's U.S. tour warmup gig on September 1, 1974, at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, U.K. Fast-forward nearly two decades to the advent and subsequent proliferation of the extended and sonically superior compact disc medium. In those early days, the band was haphazardly represented by only a few difficult-to-locate and sonically disappointing European best-of titles that not only poorly characterized the band's work, but in a few cases were actually mastered from vinyl (gasp!). In 1994, Canterbury Tales: The Best of Caravan became the first and -- prior to the release of Where but for Caravan Would I? in 2000 -- the most accurate collection of the group's eclectic styles. On any given performance, these could and often would range from fully orchestrated epics ("Love in Your Eye") to ballsy rockers ("Headloss") as well as the occasional compact pop tune ("Golf Girl"). This set also comes with a 24-page booklet that includes rare photos, discographical information, as well as an historical essay by Ed Strait. At the time this set first became available, enthusiasts were separated by over half a decade from the exhaustive remaster and reissue campaign that would commence in 2001. This series ultimately yielded pristine reevaluations of all seven Caravan long-players replete with bonus material as well as the entire Croydon show -- Live at the Fairfield Halls, 1974. For the curious, this collection arguably bests its remastered replacement, Where but for Caravan Would I?, as these are the tunes the way they were first issued -- without the double-edged benefit of the remixed, lengthened, and otherwise revisionist look at much of the same material.
Lindsay Planer (ALLMUSIC)

Excellent value
The British underground wasn't all Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett, and Caravan shows you a different take on what British hippies could achieve. The band produced a stunning first album - represented by two tracks on this collection - and despite a wobbly period of personnel changes went on ploughing their own distinctive and very English furrow long after their commercial peak in the mid 70s. This is a truly wonderful collection, riveting listening from the very first track, the irresistable "Place of my own". This track has all the elements of what made the band great locked up in 4.01 minutes.. a testament to its excellence is that it seems far longer, a lush mix of David Sinclair's prowess on the hammond organ (he is a real master of the instrument) and Pye Hastings' fey, pastoral imagery - delivered in a clipped middle class accent that makes it all the more endearing. When I bought this CD I had not heard that track since 1969, and was bowled over by it all over again. The anthology faithfully follows the band's history, including two tracks from a surprisingly successful album recorded with the New Symphonia, as well as some lengthy epics and the joyous "Golf Girl". Not all the music stands the test of time - but where Sinclair's organ prowls, expect fireworks. Caravan was not easily labelled, and to just label them as part of that nebulous "Canterbury Scene" .. which included Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers and Daevid Allen.. does them an injustice. They were not exactly "progressive" or "jazz-rock" or "folk".. but just for a few brief shining moments they show the very best of what bands in that era could achieve.Read more
nick g black 5/5 05.04.2001 (AMAZON)

All the classics from Caravan
This is the perfect album if you want a 'best of' collection of Caravan. It has all the classic tracks from the earlier years (the best in my opinion) such as For Richard and the epic Nine Feet Underground. It comes at a bargain price for a double CD packed with at least an hour of music on each disc - an offer not to be missed.
A Customer 5/5 04.12.2000 (AMAZON)

Caravan keep touring!
Caravan are still touring, boosted by the pyrotechnics provided by ex-Robert Plant guitarist Doug Boyle. Having seen them perform on 28/11/02, I can confirm that the old songs have lost none of their panache in the intervening years - many of which are thoughtfully provided on this anthology. Always at their best on the extended tracks (often two or more songs merged into one), Caravan demonstrate a timeless quality on tracks such as the classic For Richard and Nine Feet Underground. Given time and space to indulge in multi-layered instrumental duelling between guitar, electric viola and mini-Moog. Go listen!
Andy Millward 5/5 02.12.2002 (AMAZON)