1 Head Loss (4:29)
2 Videos Of Hollywood (6:32)
3 Nine Feet Underground (19:04)
4 Winter Wine (7:46)
5 For Richard (13:16)

"If I Could Do It All Over Again" and "In The Land Of Grey And Pink" are not included on this dvd.
Recorded live in Nottingham, 24.07.1990, at the Nottingham TV studios of Central TV.
Richard Coughlan (drums)
Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals)
Dave Sinclair (keyboards)
Richard Sinclair (bass, vocals)

Jimmy Hastings (saxophone, flute)
2001/DVD/Classic Rock Legends/CRP2287/Europe

DVD also released as:
Classic Rock Legends Caravan - 2001/DVD/Classic Rock Legends/CRL0747/Europe (5 tracks)
Rare Broadcasts - 2005/DVD/American Legends Ltd/SMC2598/China (5 tracks)
Access All Areas - 2015/CD+DVD/Demon Music Group/AAACDVD001/UK (7 tracks)

Also released on CD as:
Caravan Live - 1993/CD/Code 90/NINETY2/UK (7 tracks)
Live In Nottingham - 2002/CD/Classic Rock Productions/CRP1049/UK (7 tracks)
Access All Areas - 2015/CD+DVD/Demon Music Group/AAACDVD001/UK (7 tracks)

Caravan's self-titled DVD (also referred to as "Caravan Live" in the credits) is yet another concert document by the Canterbury-spawned band, from a 1990 show at Central Studios in Nottingham. Originally released as part of the |Bedrock series, it features the lineup of Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals), Richard Coughlan (drums), Dave Sinclair (keyboards), Jimmy Hastings (sax, flute), and Richard Sinclair (bass, vocals) in five pieces, including the epic-length "Nine Feet Underground." Their performance is laid-back and smooth, with some gorgeous sax work by Jimmy Hastings and excellent playing all around. One reason that Caravan has endured across 36 years of history is that they've never lost their musical edge or their virtuosity, and they can still make a decades-old song -- even one running 15 minutes -- fascinating to hear. The audio quality might not quite match the more recent concert documents by the band, which reflect better technology and more special venues (especially their American tour), but this will more than suffice, nearly an hour of progressive rock that's out of its own time but not lacking for excitement, hard and sharp edges, or virtuosity. Director David Millard does an excellent job of keeping his cameras in motion and the shots and angles constantly changing as the focus shifts around the music and songs. Each track gets its own chapter number and, for a change in this series, the numbers correspond to the songs they're supposed to match up with. The disc opens on a simple three-selection menu that goes to three layers deep in presenting selections from the rest of the Classic Rock Legends DVD catalog.
Bruce Eder (ALLMUSIC)

Favourites Made Visual.
The DVD of Caravan live that I ordered from Classic Rock Productions came in the mail today. As I suspected/hoped, it's the 1990 Bedrock TV production (released on CD in 1993 by Demon/Code 90), which was a very high budget affair -- 6 or 7 cameras (including a couple on booms), 24-track recording, huge stage, absolutely fabulous sound, and overall a great show. It was broadcast once in England (at like 3:30 am!) and then locked away in a vault for 13 years. For some reason two short tracks on the Code 90 CD are NOT included in the DVD, "If I Could Do It All Over Again" and "In The Land of Grey and Pink" which is a shame, but what's here is great quality stuff. The CD has been a perpetual favourite of mine for the past decade & change so I'm happy to add the visuals accompanying it to my collection.
Robert Carlberg (Seattle) 5/5 21.02.2004 (AMAZON))

Jigsaw puzzles on a tree.
There is no arse shakin, hair flinging or head bangin' goin on at this 1990 gig. But what we have is the original line-up including Pye's brother Jimmy Hastings on sax and very lyrical flute. Their songs and sound have a unique and unforced, esoteric English tone to them. Pye and Richard Sinclair share vocals (they sing, not scream) with an air of sincerity. There are times when the drummer really gets his kit and the whole band swinging, and Richard Sinclair's fretless Fender bass is musical and a great joy (look for the decal of a little mouse holding a giftbox on the front of the bass, quite funny). To me this is the definitive lineup. I bought this dvd with some reservation, but it gets played as much or more than any others, when I want to hear some good, unorthodox English rock yet not get blasted or srceamed at. My criticism is they chose to use digital keyboards instead of real organ, electric piano (and analog synth if any). This gets played in my home often and I'm sure I'll watch it again very soon. A Customer 5/5 16.12.2002 (AMAZON)

I was lucky enough to buy this DVD on NEARFest 2002 Prog Rock festival for less and had it signed by current Caravan line-up! ( Not to mention that their show on NEARFest was great, easly the best festival performance!) I cannot rate myself as great Caravan/Canterbury fun, but I really enjoy their set! The concert recorded on the DVD took place about 10-15 years long. Caravan was in the great form then ( and now) it played their classic: For Richard, White Wine, Ten Feet Underground, etc. The concert represents Caravan classic line-up: Sinclair bros, Pye Hastings, their original drummer, etc. Highly recommended for Canterbury nuts and all prog heads!
nessy (Nashua, NH United States 5/5 10.07.2002 (AMAZON)

Videos of Nottingham.
Like Wishbone Ash, Strawbs, Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind, Asia, and several other legendary bands, Caravan also have their own entry in the Classic Rock Legends video library. Released early in the new millennium, all of these DVDs have beautiful art work by the great Roger Dean. Caravan here consists of Pye Hastings, Richard Sinclair, David Sinclair, and Richard Coughlan. A set list of five songs is performed including an excellent rendition of Nine Feet Underground. Other familiar songs include Winter Wine and Head Loss. The only number I don't particularly like is the poppy Videos Of Hollywood. Overall, this is a good performance, but the band does not have a very strong stage presence. The audio is better than the video. A worthy entry in Classic Rock Legends series and a good addition to a Caravan collection
SouthSideoftheSky 3/5 15.09.2013 (PROGARCHIVES)

Further evidence that someone else out there is trying to spread the Canterbury word came in the usual roundabout way concerning the Central TV series 'BEDROCK'. Some enlightened soul in Nottingham had seemingly decided that it would be a good idea to channel some funds away from Bullseye, Bob Holness et al, and use then to persuade various Seventies bands to reform, play under blinding stage lights in front of audiences attracted despite dismal publicity, and ultimately to appear on the small screen in the early hours of some midweek morning. As a venture it seems to have met with some degree of success, if we take as examples the three bands which will principally interest readers of FACELIFT, namely HATFIELD AND THE NORTH, GONG and CARAVAN.
Caravan's appearance at the Central studios on 24th July will be screened as part of the second Bedrock series along with the likes of Asia, Rick Wakeman and Curved Air. The original line-up of Richard and David Sinclair, Pye Hastings and Richard Coughlan was featured, with timely additions from Jimmy Hastings on sax and flute. Given the fact that only Richard Sinclair from this band is still predominantly involved with music, the band played a blinding set that showed little sign of rustiness. This was no doubt helped by the fact that the band had played a handful of warm-up gigs, including the Canterbury festival.
This was the only one of the Bedrock gigs I was able to get to, and as the first time I'd seen Caravan was always going to make an impression. That said, it was an indisputably fine performance: both vocalists have retained strong voices, with Pye Hastings particularly surprising me in soaring uninhibited through the opener 'Behind You'. Selection of material was happily dominated by pieces from the original collaborations, with the bands playing all the tracks from 'In the Land Of The Grey and Pink', and the highlight was, as expected, 'For Richard'. The lengthy crescendo towards the celebrated keyboard riff provided the night's most uplifting moment. I'll always be biased towards the lengthier instrumental compositions and any excuse to hear that Sinclatr voice ('Winter Wine' was as a outstanding), but the whole set was superb.
The live sound during the first half of the performance seemeed to favour rhythm guitar detriment of organ and saxophone, but I was lucky enough to see Central's tape after the gig and presumably this will be rectified for the screening. The mix was a shame, because it obscured the vibrant soloing of Jimmy Hastings, very such an integral part of the show (and who ono reader, with some degree of accuracy, compared to John Gielgud!)
Unlike the Hatfields' performance (which attracted reputedly only 40 people, many there under the impression that it was a heavy metal gig!), the appearance of Caravan was well publicised and one presses that there will be no need for the audience overdubs which accompanied the former. Rumours abound that, quite separate to the Central transmission some of this gig may appear as a live album. Caravan are continuing to play the occasional gig wherever it has been possible to promote them, and it's good to see that organisations such as Sonic Relief are active in this. Whether the band will be performing any new material in the future (as Richard Sinclair for one is certainly keen to do), remains to be seen.
Phil Howitt (FACELIFT MAGAZINE) / september 1990