Disc: 1
1 Place Of My Own (Stereo Version) 4:02
2 Magic Man (Stereo Version) 4:01
3 Love Song With Flute (Stereo Version) 4:09
4 Grandma's Lawn (Stereo Version) 3:23
5 Cecil Rons (Stereo Version) 4:07
6 Where But For Caravan Would I? (Stereo Version) 9:01
7 A Day In The Life Of Maurice Haylett 5:06
8 If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You 3:07
9 Clipping The Eigth ("Hello Hello" Demo Version) 3:10
10 And I Wish I Were Stoned / Don't Worry 8:17
11 Asforteri 1:19
12 Can't Be Long Now / Francoise / For Richard / Warlock 14:22
13 With An Ear To The Ground You Can Make It / Martinian / Only Cox / Reprise 9:55
Disc: 2
1 Golf Girl 5:02
2 In The Land Of Grey & Pink 5:01
3 Nine Feet Underground 22:44
4 Winter Wine 7:37
5 I Don't Know It's Name (Alias "The Word") 6:09
6 Love To Love You (BBC Session - Sounds Of The Seventies 11/03/71) 3:12
7 Feelin', Reelin', Squealin' (BBC Live - John Peel's Sunday Concert 06/05/71) 9:30
8 The Love In Your Eye (First Version) (Richard Coughlan/Pye Hastings/Richard Sinclair)
9 The World Is Yours 3:40
10 Aristocracy 3:43
Disc: 3
1 Waterloo Lily 6:48
2 Any Advance On Carpet (incorporating "Bossa Nochance") (Richard Coughlan/Pye Hastings/Steve Miller/Richard Sinclair)
3 C'thlu Thlu 6:12
4 Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss 9:19
5 The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again 5:57
6 L'Auberge Du Sanglier / A Hunting We Shall Go / Pengola / Backwards 10:04
7 A Mirror For The Day (Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 28th Of October, 1973) 4:30
8 For Richard (Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 28/10/73) 14:53
9 Virgin On The Ridiculous (Live At The Fairfield Halls) 6:51
Disc: 4
1 Be Alright / Chance Of A Lifetime (Live At The Fairfield Halls) 7:06
2 The Show Of Our Lives 5:45
3 Keeping Back My Love 5:15
4 No Backstage Pass 4:31
5 Stuck In A Hole 3:10
6 The Love In Your Eye (BBC Session - John Peel 07/02/74) 15:44
7 The Dabsong Conshirtoe (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre) 21/03/75) 15:13
8 Here I Am 6:17
9 A Very Smelly Grubby Oik / Bobbing Wide 5:47
10 All The Way (including "John Wayne's Single Handed Liberation Of Paris") 8:58

Richard Goughlan (drums, percusion)
Pye Hastings (vocals, guitars)
Steve Miller (keyboards)
John G. Perry (bass, vocals)
Geoffrey Richardson (viola, guitar, flute, spoons, vocals)
Jan Schelhaas (keyboards)
Dave Sinclair (keyboards)
Richard Sinclair (vocals, bass)
Mike Wedgwood (vocals, bass)


Because I dig the band, needed the two unreleased tracks and was attracted to the package, I recently availed myself of Decca's new 4 CD Caravan box set 'The World Is Yours'. For anyone who cares, here's my thoughts.
First off, the package: this is a beautiful, book-format set with the four CDs housed inside its covers, similar to the John Martyn, Paul Weller and Siouxsie boxes that Universal have issued over the last couple of years. The book itself consists of 36 well-printed pages of archive photos and vintage ads alongside an extended essay on Caravan penned by long-term fan and recent associate Mark Powell, who also compiled the set. The essay is excellent, if short on any new revelations, particularly if you're already familiar with the erudite notes that accompanied the Decca/Deram remasters that came out eight years ago. Indeed, it's those remasters that form the bulk of the material compiled in this new set, thus rendering it an essential purchase only to those new to and/or curious about Caravan or those Canterbury fans who, like me, have to own every last recorded utterance by one of England's finest post-psych bands. If you've already bought some or all of the remastered albums, there's nothing to be gained audio-wise from the new box, the two unreleased tracks and a few radio versions notwithstanding.
So what IS there here for a confirmed and completist Canterbury head? Well, how about the 'Waterloo Lily' line-up's nine minute instrumental take on Richard Sinclair's 'Bossa Nochance', a song best known from its appearance on the first Hatfields' album released nearly two years after this first recorded version, here titled 'Any Advance On Carpet'. It's a fine rendition, very much in the mould of the jazzy 'Nothing At All' on the underrated (and internally devisive) 'Lily' album, and features some delightfully assured jazz chording by Pye Hastings as well as sterling e-piano work from the late Steve Miller, who pretty much makes the song his own as the track winds onwards.
Also from this period comes the second "new" track, an early, strings-free take of 'The Love In Your Eye'. This is also an excellent version, clearer and less cluttered than the well-known 'Lily' take, with Hastings' vocals well to the fore - including a bit of scat singing that really floats my boat. Well worth hearing.
There's nothing else unreleased in the set, though there are a couple of BBC session and live takes of certain tracks which have only been sporadically available in recent years, the best being an extended, acid-drenched take on 'Feelin', Reelin', Squealin' which, to these ears at least, is even finer than the Soft Machine original. Otherwise, it's a fairly representative career overview based very largely on the 'Where But For Caravan Would I?' double-disc retrospective of 2000, albeit now encompassing the post-Decca 'Blind Dog At St. Dunstans' album and some longer songs such as 'Nine Feet Underground'. There's little I can gripe about in terms of track selection, though why the concluding 'Oik (Reprise)' section of the wonderful 'A Very Smelly, Grubby Oik/Bobbing Wide' has been excised is beyond me, especially when TWO versions of the overlong (and, I have to confess, overrated) 'For Richard' are deemed necessary, along with an additional live rendition of the aforementioned 'Love In Your Eye'. I'd also have preferred the mono versions of the debut album tracks, which are much punchier and vibrant than the dated "fully panned" stereo mixes.
Those minor whinges aside, this is a very decent one-stop Caravan shop, and I commend it to the house. If enough of us buy it, dare we hope for a reformation?
Julian Cope

A worthy introduction to a likeable but often unfairly neglected English institution.
Although they are intricately entwined into the DNA of that sub-genre of progressive music known as the Canterbury scene, there’s nevertheless always been something of the “bridesmaid but never the bride” syndrome about Caravan. Quite why this should be is slightly baffling given that their sound has always been on the light and accessible end of the progressive rock spectrum. Their straightforward songs and bright, unfussy noodling was the sunshine to the oft-dark complexities of their close Canterbury cousins, Soft Machine. Whereas the Softs veered far from their shared pop roots, ploughing an acerbic, often ground-breaking furrow into improvisation, jazz-rock fusion and beyond, Caravan pretty much bumbled along on their old straight track in a benign, slightly sleepy but agreeable manner. This handsomely appointed four-CD box set, whilst being skimpy on unreleased or rare material (only boasting a couple of previously-unreleased extras), offers a pleasantly winding stroll through their classic period, from which 1971’s In The Land of Grey and Pink remains their most enduring work. All but one of its original studio tracks are presented here; filled with flutes, fuzz-pedalled organ and dreamy vocals about girls, freedom, and finding yourself, these agreeable, sun-dappled pastoral tunes are as English as Elgar. Gracefully structured long-form suites were essential ingredients in the Caravan brew, but whilst Nine Feet Underground (1971), Nothing At All (1972) Memory Lain (1973) and several other notable epics all clocked up the minutes, these were genteel, subtle undertakings rather than vulgar exhibitions of technique. Though they recruited a dedicated following it was never wide or deep enough to deliver them real commercial success. It always seemed that Caravan were only ever one album away cracking the market, but much to the frustration of the band and its supporters that happy event always eluded them. At a time when bands like ELP seemed hell-bent on world domination via bombastic rock symphonics, Caravan generally opted for a kinder, whimsical non-competitive mode of expression when soloing, and perhaps it was precisely the lack of extrovert showmanship that prevented them from attracting wider attention. Yet, as this set demonstrates, given that they sound a good deal less-arch and cliché-free than many of their more illustrious and fêted contemporaries, this was probably a good thing. A worthy introduction to a likeable but often unfairly neglected English institution.
Sid Smith 2010 (BBC)

All remastered and all good. A box set for newbies and completists. I bought this at HMV on Oxford Street in May 2010 on my trip to London, so it's been out for a bit at least. I already have most of this on CD but not all of it remastered. I prefer the first 3 albums by Caravan as a whole(and The New Symphonia), but if you're looking for all of the highlights from "Waterloo Lily" right up to "Blind Dog At St. Dunstans", then this is a sure bet to please(you get 2.5 discs of remastered post "In The Land Of Grey And Pink"). Also included are live tracks previously unavailable(afaik). A wonderful booklet and great packaging. If you're a Canterbury fanatic, you must have this. A true masterpiece overview of the first part of Caravan's career.

The thing with box-sets is that they either attract those already addicted or puts off those who are interested but are put off by the enormous wealth of out-takes and other stuff, generally of importance only to those already familiar with the originals. Well, generally speaking anyway. Accordingly it's hard rating box-sets because of that. But there are exceptions. Camel's "Rainbow's end"-box and this, "The world is yours", are both splendid examples of the ultimate box-sets. They attract both those already familiar and those interested, without alienating either. A box containing 32 songs is bound to have the odd track you don't like, as with all compilations. Nevertheless I'm bound giving it 5 stars, simply because it is such an astounding compilation, housed in a beautiful cover. There's simply no other rating available. If you're new to Caravan, this is actually not a bad way to start. And if you're a Caravan-fan already, like me, it's quite a treat to own and dissect this wonderful compilation of studio- tracks, both previously released and some unreleased, and live recordings. It's the cream of prog-rock from one of the most endearing, most brilliant, most english of prog-bands. I love it!
GruvanDahlman 5/5 (PROGARCHIVES)

Interesting Box from Unusual Band. I guess this box first of all is aimed at hard-core fans of the "progressive" group Caravan that had its heyday in the period 1968-76. The group's strength and trademark were the long and often epic tracks, which sometimes were tight through-composed and sometimes gave way to longer improvisations. Despite many line-up changes the band maintained a relatively uniform expression, where the jazzy elements in some periods were more prevalent than in others. The band's compositions were often quite complex, with unusual rhythms and rhythm changes. Instrumentally the band members were highly competent, and willing to seek musical challenges. Conversely, one should not expect many catchy tunes, and the group achieved no real hits. Only in few cases their songs could be called commercial or catchy, most albums, however, do contain one or two numbers relatively straightforward and a playing time under 5 minutes. The fact that the group's songwriting was something special and that they never created a real classic song, has meant that they never got wider recognition. Moreover the group also lacked a strong profile vocalist so a big breakthrough did not materialize. Several of the group's albums, however, have gained considerable recognition as some of the best prog. rock of the early 1970s. Especially "If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You" from 1970 and "In the Land of Grey and Pink" from 1971, stand as significant releases. A four CD box is a big mouthful and I must admit that I am mostly in for the shorter tracks. Among those I could bring forward "Place of My Own," "Magic Man", "If I Could Do it All Over Again" "And I Wish I were Stoned," "With an Ear to the Ground," "Love to Love You," "The World Is Yours," "The Dog The Dog" and "C'Thlu C'Thlu" as favorites. The box is very well done, with a fascinating biography entertainingly describing the group's somewhat complicated history with frequent line-up changes and people coming in and out of the group. So even though some of the music may completely fall in taste, there are however many hours of fine entertainment with both reading and listening.
Morten Vindbergon 2010 4/5 (AMAZON)

You can not find better, more comprehensive collection of Caravan music.The sound is stunning, selection of music is very comprehensive.The booklet is of high quolity. If you like this type of seventies music, which was played and performed with no intensions of beeing "big" and popular, just beeing played with joy and love, do yourself a favour, get it.It is very well priced too, higly recomended.
George J. Fibak 2012 5/5 (AMAZON)

Good, but nothing special. This is a good product to know the band. But if you have all the records don't waste your money. The unreleased tracks don't deserve all this investment.
David Szpiroon 2010 3/5 (AMAZON)

One of the lesser-told Canterbury tales finally gets an airing. Formed in 1968 from the ashes of the same Wilde Flowers which gave the world Soft Machine’s Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt, Caravan were a quintessential psych-into-proto-prog mainstay of the thriving UK club and college circuit. Their debut single, Place Of My Own, forged a sublime template for songs combining English whimsy and often-complex arrangements bathed with innate melodic feel which flowered on their self-titled debut album, released on US Verve. The group then joined Decca-Deram’s fertile late 60s/early 70s offensive on subsequent albums If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You and In The Land Of Grey & Pink, the latter considered something of a peak. Further albums followed, including 1974’s live recording with the New Symphonia Orchestra at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, before the group dissolved in 1976 (though they’ve since reformed in recent years, singer-guitarist Pye Hastings and drummer Richard Coughlin the only original members). In terms of musical scope and convoluted, classically-tinged romps, Caravan could be regarded as prog pioneers standing just as tall as louder outfits who reaped major success. Hastings’ stoner lyrical surrealism also, however, laced them to a grand tradition going back to those Canterbury origins. Universal’s four CDs gather album highlights up until 1976’s Blind Dog At St Dunstan’s, along with BBC sessions and two previously-unreleased tracks, astutely encapsulating a sometimes overlooked part of England’s musical heritage.

Den titel dieses 4-CD-Boxsets – THE WORLD IS YOURS: THE ANTHOLOGY 1968–1976 – darf man wohl als beispiel sarkastisch-britischen humors werten. Anders als bei den stilistisch artverwandten kollegen Yes, ELP oder Genesis horchte die welt bei der Britischen formation Caravan nämlich nie wirklich auf. Als Prog-Rock-Delikatesse abseits genormten massengeschmacks erspielte sich das ensemble vorzugswei-se im heimatland, aber auch in Frankreich, Holland und Deutschland einen guten ruf vorzugsweise auf Open-Air-Festivals, doch der kommerzielle durchbruch blieb aus. Akademisch versponnen präsentierten sich die grenzgänger zwischen Rock, Jazz, Folk und klassik schon auf ihrem selbstbetitelten debüt von 1968. Nach den beiden meilensteinen IF I COULD DO IT AGAIN, I’D DO IT ALL OVER YOU (1970) und IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK (1971) vor allem in studentenkreisen populär, blieb das flaggschiff der sogenannten "Canterbury-Scene" (Soft Machine, Gong) im eigenen intellektuellen anspruch stecken, scheiterte nach 1971 aber auch an ständigen personalwechseln. rares aus dem archiv, BBC-Sessions, konzertmitschnitte sowie auszüge aus den noch immer formidablen alben WATERLOO LILY, FOR GIRLS WHO GROW PLUMP IN THE NIGHT, CUNNING STUNTS und BLIND DOGS AT ST. DUSTANS führen ein in Caravans wundersame welt des ätherischen wohlklangs.
Michael Köhler 2014 9/10 (CLASSIC ROCK)