1 The Dog The Dog He's At It Again
2 Backwards
3 A Hunting We Shall Go
4 All The Way
5 A Very Grubby Smelly Little Oik
6 For Richard
7 If I Could Do It All Again, I'd Do It All Over You

Recorded live at the London Astoria, London, 28.11.2002.
2017/LP/Coda Records/CPLVNY294/Europe


Can't report this under copyright infringement as it's a challenging situation that has not been legally approachable for the 16 years that the source material owner, Robert Kirk Carruthers,
has been reissuing under various disguises or third party publishers.
The recordings both in audio and visual mediums, were never authorised for release by members of Caravan or their management at the time of the recording and since.
This latest reissue, this time on vinyl of the Nearfest/Patriots Theater 2002 gig cannot be claimed to be an official recording as Coda Publishing does so much to note.
It is not sold in any marketplace but Amazon and third parties and never discussed or promoted by the band or their management in any form.
Another rehash of many that have come before, after a considerable break in schedule, now this latest package has been cleverly titled and branded to play upon nostalgia and deceive Caravan's fan base with the limited edition run also added to further push the product.
The previous issues of poor production, A Night's Tale, Rare Broadcasts, Grey, Pink and Gold, Live On Air (also DVD issues: The Anthology, The Ultimate Anthology, The Ultimate Collection) with equal little package production value,
were not authorised and not a single penny has been received by any band member for any of them.
As a descendant of a founding band member it is in such personal disgust of this man profiting from the same blackmarked material over and over, now 16 years on,
I'm speaking out on behalf of the Caravan legacy. With no response from Amazon or movement to clamp down on such practices, for the benefit of the Caravan fan base and market,
please investigate Coda Records and Coda Publishing along with Sandbeach Holdings, Classic Rock Productions, Ragnarock Films etc and ban this product from sale in the Discogs marketplace, with bootleg status. For the collectors,
please do consider not helping this man to continue rehashing the same material by not purchasing or trading these products and support Caravan's current independent releases available at and or the licensed back catalogue published by Universal.
Thank you.
Slappyhead (DISCOGS)

An unauthorised bootleg reissued and repackaged yet again
On behalf of the Caravan community I am acting on my own risk to let it be known that these releases are neither authorised or associated with the present and past members and management of Caravan. Past manager Mark Powell publicly issued an official boycott for the sale of material from this concert which was recorded 30th June 2002 at The Patriots Theater, Trenton, New Jersey USA, the band appearing exclusively for the 2002 NEARfest Festival. Mark's statement can be read via an archived copy of the band's past official website: This CD is a repackaged reissue of truncated bootleg material previously available as 'A Night's Tale: Live In The USA' (issued by Classic Rock Productions ltd in 2003), 'Grey, Pink and Gold' (issued by Retro in 2004), Live On Air (issued by Southworld in 2010). There was also an unauthorised DVD release of the concert titled 'A Knights Tale: Live in the USA' (issued by Classic Rock Productions ltd) which to has been repackaged and reissued under alternative titles and distribution companies (including Ragnarock ltd, Ragnarock Films, Music Reviews ltd, Sandbeach Holdings). This material has never been authorised for release by the band and their management past and present and not a single penny has ever been received by members of Caravan from any of the many releases. The Store For Music ltd is the latest record label to release this material and it is possible that once again it has been third party licensed to them "in good faith" by the person which I for unjust legal reasons have to refrain from publicly slandering. I have attempted to warn Store for Music about this material but they have refused to listen and thus have gone ahead with this reissue. For authorised and approved releases check out Demon Records' new issue of the 1990 ITV Bedrock television concert titled Access All Areas now available as a remastered CD/DVD package with exclusive bonus material. Salvo have issued a PAL release of the band's 2010 television recording at Metropolis Studios in London which is combined with an exclusive CD release. In addition, the band have released many more official live recordings from 2010 through to 2015 which are part available from the official Caravan website including a DVD of their most recent USA concert. Much love, NB
Slappyhead 1/5 15.02.2015 (PROGARCHIVES)

The band, the band, they're at it again.
I have never been to a live Caravan show nor have I followed thier every move, but I really prefer the original line up. This show was recorded at the Astoria in London to a full house, in late 2002 I belive. I was expecting a mediocre show/video but it's actually pretty damn good! First my gripes: Richard C's drumkit is mixed just a bit too soft (other than that the mix is excellent), and please I wish they and more bands would bring a REAL HAMMOND organ istead of these plastic digital keyboards. A Hammond/Leslie setup would add a whole thrilling new dimension to the sound. Alas, they opt for the sterile digital keyboards. such a shame. The performance is given with appearant enthusiasm and enjoyment from the whole band. There are lots of extended numbers here with impressive instrumental workings like the twin guitar/violin leads on "A hunting we will go". Most the playing is tasteful and well balanced, sometimes they realy get cooking. The disc cashs in at a healthy 95 minutes. Pre-gig band interviews are placed between songs quite nicley. Stage is well lit, camera work is sensible and doesn't distract and the audio/video quality is the best I've seen yet from the Classic Rock Legends label. Thumbs up to both the band and the label on this release.
ADK (Royal Oak, Mi. United States) 5/5 11.09.2003 (AMAZON)

Caravan: A Night in London showcases the veteran Canterbury-spawned progressive rock outfit playing before a sell-out audience at the London Astoria, at an undated 2003 show that marked the return to their lineup of keyboard player Jan Schelhaas, after a 28-year absence. This DVD is a good way for the uninitiated to discover the group, as it showcases their most accessible work, including the McCartney-esque "All the Way" and harder sounds such as "A Very Smelly Grubby Little Oik," on which guitarists Pye Hastings and Doug Boyle get to pull out a few stops, with some rippling lead lines pouring from Boyle's instrument, and drummer Richard Coughlan plays like he's got an extra arm or two (aided and abetted by percussionist Simon Bentall on the congas). One of the reasons this band has survived and even flourished over the last 35 years is that they've never let their musicianship run their music -- that is, they've always been pretty circumspect about what's worth performing (or recording), versus what can be performed; they've never gotten so far ahead of their audience as to lose them, or let their virtuosity prevent their reaching out to the unconverted with an accessible, pleasing lick or riff; a number like "Liar" from The Battle of Hastings is catchy and inviting, even if you've never heard the record; they also come off as very elegant on "A Hunting We Shall Go," one of several true vintage pieces that they play in this set, switching gears effortlessly to the pounding, soaring "For Richard." Hastings' vocals are a bit more ragged than they were three decades ago, but he holds up well with some backup from bassist Jim Leverton -- what's more, as revealed here for the sharp-eyed (thanks to the very clever editor of the concert film), their sound relies just as much on the interlocked playing of violist Geoff Richardson and lead guitarist Boyle as between Boyle's and Hastings' guitars. As Hastings remarks, the members are expected to improvise heavily on their performances, so that no two nights' shows are alike -- the 94-minute performance is broken up by very short interview segments with the members in three spots on the disc, which don't break up the rhythm of the show at all. The performance was captured in what looks like high-definition, letterboxed at 1.85-to-1, and the sound is captured loud and close in 5.1 Surround Sound or Dolby Stereo, with excellent balances. The camera angles are excellent and the editing is smooth and spot on. The only real complaint is the design of the menu, which opens automatically on start-up; designed like a medieval tapestry, complete with the group's logo, it offers the option of "play" and "track list," but the latter is virtually unreadable because of the small print.
Bruce Eder (ALLMUSIC)

The performance on this DVD is lifeless and even sometimes dull, there are a couple good moments but they are few and too far between. The band don't really seem to enjoy themselves here. They are very competent musicians for sure, but here they seems to be on auto pilot. The live footage is interupted by interviews with the band, which is very annoying. Why not put the interviews as an extra feature separate from the concert? This is really for serious fans and collectors only. All others should aviod it (which they indeed seem to since this is the first review of it).
SouthSideoftheSky 2/5 20.07.2008 (PROGARCHIVES)

Caravan c'est avant tout l'album "In the land of the grey and pink" à l'époque du vinyl il m'en fallait un exemplaire par an, l'usure finissant par avoir raison de l'oeuvre à force d'écoutes constantes et répetées. Si vous ne connaissez pas cet album il faudra réparer cette lacune. Sur ce DVD est repris l'illustre "Nine feet underground" l'ensemble du concert est bon,( image son ), bien sur le canterbury c'est assez figé, les musiciens récitent sereinement la partoche, ça n'envoie pas comme on dit mais il y a quelque chose d'indéfinissable qui vous transpose vite dans un bus Volswagen vers le Larzac. Caravan reste un groupe de studio et en concert il ne faut pas attendre l'etincelle, alors que certains groupes se transforment complètement sur scène, Caravan restitue parfaitement ses albums studio et ce " A knight in London" est très bien comme ça!!
Zoso 4/5 14.01.2012 (AMAZON)

Caravan live.
Und zwar in London am 28.11.2002. Sound und Bild sind gut, nicht unbedingt absolut perfekt, aber war solls. Für das Classic Rock Label eine wirklich gute DVD, den es gibt auch schlechte... Jahrelang gibt es nahezu nichts, nun kam zwischen ca 1995 und heute mehr Live CDs und DVDs raus kamen, als einem lieb ist. Eins besser als das andere. Nun gibt es genug zur Auswahl, man muss sich nur entscheiden! Geboten wird im Grunde das übliche; u.a. Nine Feet Underground, For Richard und auch ein paar (zumindest 2002) neuere Stücke, die aber vom Gehalt etwas abfallen. Mit gefällt die gut 100 minütige Show. Nennenswerte Extras gibt es übrigens nicht.
"klaushensel" (Leinfelden) 4/5 03.10.2014 (AMAZON)