Full Circle (2003)

1 Thru' The Night (5:16)
2 Forever Through The Years (5:15)
3 Best Life Of All (4:25)
4 O Caroline (5:16)
5 Outside Of Your Love (5:08)
6 Like To Know (4:44)
7 Without You (7:10)
8 Nowhere To Hide (9:01)
9 That Day (4:14)
10 Sancti (6:19)
11 Peace In Time (7:15)
12 And When The Sun Sets (1:58)
Roxanne - Lead vocals (on tracks 2,4,6-7,10-12), Background vocals (on tracks 2,4-6,8)
Fred Baker - Bass (on tracks 2,3,7-8,11)
Simon Bentall - Percussion (on tracks 1-3,5-8,10)
Marcus Bishop - Drums (on tracks 1-2,5-11), Guitars (on track 6)
Doug Boyle - Guitars (on tracks 1-3,5-11)
Rod Brown - Drums (on track 10)
Ralph Cross - Performer (on track 11)
Ray Doble - Lead vocals (on track 1)
Mark Fletcher - Drums (on tracks 3,8)
Naomi Harada - Japanese vocals (on track 11)
Julian Landymore - Sax (on tracks 1,5-6)
Jim Leverton - Lead vocals (on tracks 3,5,8)
David Sinclair - Keyboards (on tracks 1-12), Percussion (on tracks 8-9)
Richard Sinclair - Lead vocals (on track 4,9-10), Bass (on track 10)
Theo Travis - Flute (on tracks 7,11), Sax (on tracks 2,7-8)
Tim Vinali - Trumpet (on track 10)
Hannele Wida - French vocals (on track 11)
Chris Wong - Bass (on track 1,5-6)

THIS is a real solo, perhaps the real first,not to be considered the strange "Moon over man" cd, by great Canterbury keyboardist Dave Sinclair! We can listen at lest new awesome compositions, sung by female vocalist Roxanne, Caravan's actual bass player Jim Leverton and greatest of all... historical Caravan bass/singer Richard Sinclair, Dave's cousin, an unmistaken and unforgettable Canterbury voice. And then,wonderful new tunes by Dave: memories of Caravan, such as wonderful harmonies and the usual Dave's knowledge of songwriting and playing. Great,great album, at least Canterbury is back. My favourite tunes:"Forever through the years", "Best life of all", old Matching Mole's hit "O Caroline","That day", the tender and lovely "Sancti" that guests a college's children choir and the hypnotic "Peace in time".
I was waiting for years for an album like this..Great Dave
Mozart6161 5/5 23.03.2008 (RATEYOURMUSIC)

'Full Circle' is the second solo record of Dave Sinclair (Caravan/Matching Mole) released in 2003. I don't know his first record and I was quite curious when I got this one... and I was disappointed. In a way I expected something different from the man who wrote 'Nine Feet Underground' and 'O Caroline'. Full Circle contains mainly traditional FM Rock songs; the songs are well written, but this music is just not my cup of tea. The only tracks I really appreciate are those where Richard Sinclair sings lead: a reprise of Matching Mole's 'O Caroline', the beautiful 'That Day' and a part of 'Sancti,(it's stunning how much Richard's voice can transform a song) and there is a nice trademark keyboard solo in the second half of 'Nowhere to hide.
Alucard 13.02.2006 (PROGARCHIVES)

A Beautiful album !!
Having been a fan of Caravan for decades, I had some expectations from Dave's solo project. However, I wasn't prepared for this collection. There are a wide range of styles, including upbeat, soft ballads and great vocals (including vocals from Cousin Richard). It takes a few listens for it to grow on you. Now this is never far from my cd player. Really worth a listen if you can find a copy.
Tim 16.12.2011 5/5 (AMAZON)

Why do I keep buying Dave Sinclair's solo albums in the hope of getting something as good as Caravan's albums?
Seeker 20.02.2015 2/5 (AMAZON)