1 Paanki
2 Ramsgate
3 High Strung
4 Departure Lounge
5 Who Knows
6 I Was Blind
7 Afterwards
8 Little Ukulele
9 La Paz
10 How It Was
11 Sidcup
12 Dust
13 All That I Hold Dear
Geoffrey Richardson - violin, viola, flute, cello, guitars, ukelele, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, saxes, percussion

Absolutely exquisite.
Sterling stuff from the inveterate moodsmith and master multi-instrumentalist. There are some echoes here of his sublime work with Caravan, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and other luminaries, but even familiarity with that hallowed lot doesn't prepare you for this glorious aural feast - Geoffrey's is a highly original and singular voice of outstanding virtuosic quality. What's more, it's all played, recorded and crafted with astonishing skill and sensitivity; vast new sonic vistas painted in the choicest hues imaginable. It's a fine and rare thing for music to be at once technically and musically intricate and yet so directly satisfying and mellifluous; at once deeply engaging and intriguing in its endless detail and yet so able to blend into an immaculately smooth background (a use of music I generally abhor, but somehow wouldn't in this instance) - rich artistry capable of being all things to many people, but uncannily, none the lesser for that fact! Which is disarming, to say the least. I'm at something of a loss to find words for the huge emotional range across these pieces. Joyous, playful, reflective, serene, wistful, deliciously melancholic - it's all here in spades. Life affirming on a grand scale. I find this album deeply affecting like no other I can remember encountering in a very long time, and can't praise it enough. Bless you Geoffrey.
Enrico Wibbly 28.04.2011 (AMAZON)

A wonderful album of lovely, lovely music, which clearly comes straight from the heart. Anyone who loved the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra, of which Geoffrey Richardson was a member for many years, will want to have this in their collection."I Was Blind" brought tears to my eyes... definitely got the 'Right Stuff'.
JJ 13.05.2011 (AMAZON)