The Canterbury Scene was one of the most creative and prolific eras in progressive rock history - learn all about it in this new book by author/music historian Mathias Sanger.
Published:04 Dec 2015
Publisher:Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Dimensions:220 pages 21.59 x 1.27 x 27.94 cm

This 'book' is actually Wikipedia pages printed out!
This is a wealth of information, packed with pages of artist biographies and discographies. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell the veracity of what you read, as there are so many obvious signs that this 'book' is little more than a print-out of Wikipedia pages. Yes, it really is. Complete with useless redundant 'Links' sections and other Internet only features. Admittedly it is useful to have the information printed out and readable in book form, but I do wonder if Wikipedia could possibly be 100% correct. Haha!
All of the mistakes from Wikipedia will be in this book.
I didn't complain or return my copy; my wife bought it for me and she was so happy to have found a book on the subject that I did the English thing and thanked her for it, never telling her the discovery I made later on.
Should you buy this?
It is far too expensive, considering it is reselling crowd-sourced data, into a cheap, floppy A4 paperback. If it was cheap I'd say maybe, but this guy is having a laugh.
The author claims to be a music writer in his description.
This item probably isn't legal, and certainly is being sold rather 'creatively'.
The description isn't exactly thorough.
It mentions nowhere that this is from the Internet. It masquerades as a proper, one author written book about the subject in the title.
But that is not what it is!
It is simply Wikipedia. Selected Canterbury artist pages mostly, it is thorough! It's in a sensible order and fits a lot of great stuff in.
It can get irritating having to skim past whole passages because they originally contained links but are now meaningless words in lists.
And there's that small thing of Wikipedia and errors. . .
Do you love Canterbury that much that you want a handbook on the subject? Buy it. I don't know of any othe book on Canterbury Scene music.
Oh and the book on progressive rock that looks like this but it's a slightly different author, that's the same sort of 'book'. It has reviews!
Paul Green 2/5 08.05.2016 (Amazon)

Don't waste your money!
Merely a prinout of wikipedia entries. What a waste! Don't bother!!!!
Bluebird 1/5 18.03.2017 (Amazon)