New Live DVD from Caravan!

Play this 2-minute extract of "This Is What We Are" from the Rosfest DVD.
Be aware that the quality of the DVD is much better.
Hi All

We hope youíre having a wonderful summer!

We thought that you might like to know what the setlist is for the RoSfest DVD.
So here it is.
- All this could be yours
- Headloss
- In the land of grey and pink
- Golf girl
- Paradise filter
- Trust me Iím a doctor
- Nightmare
- Farewell my old friend
- For Richard
- This is what we are
- Dead man walking
- Iíll be there for you
- Nine feet underground

- Memory lain Hugh
- Iím on my way

We hope you agree it is a good mixture of old and new tracks. The RoSfest audience were amazing as you will hear from the soundtrack!


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2014 DVD Live at RoSfest (outside)

2014 DVD Live at RoSfest (inside)