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Listening tip by Pye

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Vinyl Reissue

New vinyl editions of four classic Caravan albums, out November 1th!.
Available separately and as a bundle of four.
If I Could Do It All Over Again Iíd Do It All Over You (1970),
In The Land Of Grey And Pink (1971),
Waterloo Lily (1972) and For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night (1973).

The Decca/Deram Years (An Anthology) 1970-1975

New Anthology Box set out now.
This 9 CD Box Set collects all of Caravanís Decca/Deram albums (including bonus material)
as well as 'Live at Fairfield Halls, 1974' and ĎThe show of our lives (Live at the BBC 1968-1975)'.
It looks like there isnít anything that hasnít already been released before when the remasters were done a few years ago.
However, it really is a lovely boxset with gatefold sleeves and booklet.

Where but for Caravan would I?
- 30 disc career spanning box set Ė
Release November 2020

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