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The great Jimmy Hastings has passed away.

One of the British Jazz scene's greatest sax, flute and clarinet players. Jimmy was a member of Humphrey Litteleton's eight piece jazz band and Professor of Jazz Saxophone at London College of Music, ex-Professor of Saxophone at Royal Marine School of Music, he played alongside Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Aretha Franklin but first he was the brother of Pye Hastings and the unofficial fifth member of Caravan.
He made sizeable contributions to the greatest recordings of the Canterbury scene: Caravan, Soft Machine, Hatfield & The North, National Health to name a few.
What an absolutley beautiful musician he was.
Can't pick just one track to represent what he brought to the world. There may be a long list to follow but the track where it all started with was this, Caravan: Love song with flute.
RIP Jimmy and so much thanks for your music. He blows the socks off all the others.

Jimmy Hastings (12.05.1938 - 18.03.2024)

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"Hook-line & Sinclair"

Musicians involved : Pye Hastings/Richard Coughlan/Richard Sinclair/Doug Boyle/Jimmy Hastings.

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