The 2cd "Back On The Tracks" is available in a reissue of 300 copies

It is the integral registration - done by the live crew behind Golden Earring - of the concert CARAVAN gave september 1997 in Tivoli, Utrecht, Holland. After 20 years the band was back on the Continent.

CD 1:
* Memory Lain, Hugh
* Headloss
* It's A Sad, Sad Affair
* The Dog, The Dog, He Is At It Again
* Cold As Ice
* Somewhere in Your Heart
* Travelling Ways
* I Know Why You're Laughing
* Liar

CD 2:
* Nine Feet Underground
* Behind You
* It's Not Real
* For Richard
* Golf Girl
* If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You

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