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Caravan, the legendary progressive rock band from the Canterbury area in Kent, South East England, was formed in 1967. They were very successful until the late 70's, although maybe a bit in the shadow of their friends from Soft Machine and Camel. Nevertheless, fans didn't forget Caravan and even the individual members, who were still performing, got homesick sometimes.

In the early 90's, Jasper Smit and others tried to get Caravan back on the tracks and for that reason formed The Continental Caravan Campaign, CoCaCamp*. CoCaCamp* successfully mobilized fans and bandmembers. The results were a number of concerts and ... a restart of Caravan.

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letter:CoCaCamp*, c/o Jasper A. Smit, Kleingouw 34a, 1619 CB Andijk, Netherlands
telephone:+31(0)228 593525
email: Jasper A. Smit

The CoCaCamp* inspirator himself

Dress rehearsel at CoCaCamp 27.10.2012

Stunning at CoCaCamp 27.10.2012
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